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Professional Experience


SAFEChecks, Canoga Park, CA  President and CEO, 1996 to present.  SAFEChecks is in the check fraud prevention business, offering high-security checks, fraud-prevention software, educational seminars, and expert witness and consulting services.  Since its founding in 1996, SAFEChecks has never had a check replicated or used in a scam (20+ years). 


Associate, Frank W. Abagnale and Associates, Washington DC, 1995 to present.  As a senior level manager at Imperial Bank, I hired Mr. Abagnale to educate our customers about check fraud, and to develop strategies to reduce our fraud losses.  I am Co-Editor of Mr. Abagnale’s Fraud Bulletin that covers check fraud, Check 21, mobile banking fraud, cyber crime (aka wire fraud), shared liability for fraud losses under the UCC, holder in due course (HIDC), and embezzlement. 


Imperial Bank, Los Angeles, CA 1981 to 1997.  Senior Vice President and Manager, Financial Services Division.  Managed several divisions, including Cash Management, Title/Escrow, Correspondent Banking, and SAFEChecks.  Regional Vice President.  Managed a regional banking center comprised of lenders, business development, operations. Acquired SAFEChecks from Imperial Bank in 1997, prior to Imperial Bank being acquired by Comerica Bank. 


Union Bank, Los Angeles, CA  Assistant VP, 1978 to 1981. Completed the bank’s loan training program. 




Master of Business Administration, Finance, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT, 1978

Bachelor of Science, Economics, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT, 1976 

Publications and Articles


Frank Abagnale Fraud Bulletin, Vol. 15, The Interconnections of Fraud. , May 2017. Greg Litster, CoEditor. Covers check fraud, cyber crime, Check 21, mobile banking fraud, etc.  Frank W. Abagnale, Publisher, 1995 - 2017. Download at


Cincinnati Insurance Company v. Wachovia Bank: The Legal Rationale to Implement Positive Pay.  Download article at:  Cyber


Crime and Check Fraud, Title News, American Land Title Association, July/August 2009. Download article at  Click on Cyber Crime and Check Fraud.


Remote Deposit Capture: The Dark Side, Remote Deposit Capture, A TAWPI Executive Report, November/December 2008, The Association for Work Process Improvement


Holder in Due Course and Check Fraud, Corporate Treasury Management Manual, December 2006, published by Sheshunoff Information Services.  Download article at  Click on Holder in Due Course.


Check 21, Remote Deposit Capture and Check Fraud, Corporate Treasury Management Manual, December 2004, updated December 2006; published by Sheshunoff Information Services. Download article at Click on Check 21.


Check Fraud and System Security, American Payroll Association, Paytech Magazine, November 2002


Guarding Against Check Fraud—Will the Battle Ever End?, Association for Financial Professionals, AFP Exchange, Spring 2000   
Expert Witness


Clinical Training Institute vs. Joseph Kevin Tharrington and JPMorganChase Bank, Superior Court of the State of California for the County of Santa Barbara, Cook Division, Case No. 17CV00830.  This is a $500,000 embezzlement case wherein a CTI employee altered the payee name or added his name to checks made payable to his employer, and deposited those checks at the teller line at JPMorganChase Bank over a period of six years.  I was a consultant for the Plaintiff.  Defendant sentenced to 56 months in jail; restitution of $500,000.


P&P Precious Metals, Inc. v. Cyrus Chady; Superior Court, County of Los Angeles, Central District, Case No. BC614912.  I was retained by the Defendant to provide expert testimony on the timeline of a deposited check based upon the markings on a substitute check or IRD. Jury sided with Defendant.


Zheng Wang v. HSBC Bank USA, N.A.; United States District Court, Central District of California, Case No. LACV11-06536-DDP (MANx).  I was retained by the Plaintiff to provide expert testimony regarding two unauthorized wire transfer requests called into the bank and confirmed using stolen identity, and to comment on the bank’s internal controls.  The case settled favorably for the Plaintiff.  


Alexander Nikolaychuk, Larissa Ermolova, and Tatiana Angelovich v. Wescom Credit Union; Superior Court, County of Los Angeles, Central District, Case No. BC427843. I was retained by the Plaintiff to provide expert testimony regarding an alleged missing endorsement, ambiguous payees, and the legal meaning of a virgule (slash “/”) between payee names.  Case settled.


Jonathon Hahn and Paul Di Girolamo v. Fast Food Snack Shops, LLC, and Bank of America, et. al.; Superior Court, County of Los Angeles, Central District, Case No. BC398986.  I was retained by BofA to evaluate a claim of embezzlement by one business partner against another, and the bank.  


Howard Dell and Innovative Delivery Systems, Inc. v. Bank of America, et. al.; Superior Court, San Bernardino, Case No. CIVRS 804433.  I was retained by BofA to evaluate the negligence of the Plaintiff after a $360,000 embezzlement by a trusted employee.  A jury said the bank was liable.


Georges Marciano v. Joseph Fahs, et. al.; Superior Court of Los Angeles, CA, Central District.  Case No. BC 375824.  I was retained on behalf of the Plaintiff to help trace embezzled funds by trusted employees.  Money, works of art and vintage wines were allegedly stolen.  Mr. Marciano was hit with terminating sanctions by the judge and wasn’t allowed to present his case to the jury.  Defendants were awarded $230 million for reputation damage, pain and suffering.  On appeal, the Court rebuked the judge’s behavior and sent part of the case back to a new judge. Mr. Marciano won part of the Appeal; the remainder of the case was settled in US Bankruptcy Court.  


Woods Code 3, Inc. d/b/a American Site Development v. Woodforest National Bank, N.A. and JPMorganChase Bank, N.A.; In the 221st Judicial District Court of Montgomery County, Texas; Cause No. 06-06449-CV.  I was retained on behalf of the Plaintiff to provide evidence of negligence by the bank after a major embezzlement over six years.  Bank negligence was found, but the “repeater” rule and the statute of limitations prevented the Plaintiff from being reimbursed.  


Helen A. Drouin v. Symetra Life Insurance Company; Federal Court, Boston, MA. Civil Action No. 06-CV-10764.  I worked for Defendant.  The case was about IRA money held in a Symentra account that belonged to the Plaintiff but was stolen by Plaintiff’s daughter.  I was retained to evaluate the Plaintiff’s negligence.


Deluxe Corporation v. St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Company; International Arbitration, Mexico City, Mexico.  I worked on behalf of St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Company.  The case was about check stock that was stolen from a Deluxe-owned check printing plant.  I was retained to determine if the stolen check stock was, indeed, Deluxe’s.  During Arbitration, Deluxe withdrew their claim.  All parties settled for their expenses incurred.    ICDR Ref No.:  50 T 195 00001 03. 
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First National Bank of Colorado v. Robert W. Baird & Co., Incorporated and Bank of America; and County of Los Angeles and City of Santa Monica v. Robert W. Baird & Co. Incorporated, Bank of America and First National Bank of Colorado.  District Court, Boulder County, State of Colorado, 2003, Case 067892-C.V.-610, Division 20.  I was retained by Robert W. Baird & Co.  This case involved a $1,075,000 check (federal transportation money) stolen by a Nigerian gang member and deposited into a brokerage account at Robert W. Baird & Co.  The check wasn't altered, but the endorsement was forged, and it was alleged that Baird had responsibility for accepting the check.  It was discovered that a temporary employee working in the accounting department of the check's intended recipient was a member of a Nigerian gang; and that his picture and biography were in the FBI’s files.  The case was settled very favorably for Robert W. Baird & Co.


Juan C. Rodriguez v. Travelers Insurance Company; Hills Pet Products, State of California, Division of Workers’ Compensation, Los Angeles.  I worked on behalf of Travelers Insurance. Case decided in favor of Travelers Insurance.  Case No. LAO 748013.


Maria Figueroa v. Carl Karcher Enterprises, State of California. Division of Worker’s Compensation, Los Angeles.  I worked on behalf of Carl Karcher Enterprises.  Case decided in favor of Carl Karcher Enterprises. Case number LAO 737807. 

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