Bill Bustamante - VCTA
Bill Bustamante

Bill has been a resident of Moorpark California for the last 32 years, a resident of Simi Valley for the previous 10 years. Bill has always been a resident of Ventura County with the exception of College and the US Army. One side of his is family history goes back 5 generations to the Spanish Land Grant days, Rancho la Colonia, near Oxnard. Bill has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.

Bill spent 32 years in the Aerospace engineering field developing high temperature composite products for the Jet Aircraft and Rocket propulsion arenas. He provided engineering management and technical marketing for his company. He also lead the development team in the laboratory and supervised the production facility with up to 70 employees.

After leaving Aerospace engineering as an employee, in 2001, Bill founded BDC Technology, LLC and engaged in the accusation and development of advanced composite materials, high speed electric motors and controls for fuel cell vehicles, and several health-related products.

Bill is currently occupied with technical consultation in the area of advanced composites and product development.

Bill has had an interest in the functioning of government since he was introduced to government in Poli-Sci class at Ventura Junior College in the 60's.

Bill's background in the management of complex systems and people as well as a foundation in finance and accounting provide valuable assets for all of his private and business activities.