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Lunch with VCTA and County CEO Mike Powers – July 29th

Plan to have lunch with Ventura County CEO Michael Powers and VCTA on July 29th at Los Robles Greens in Thousand Oaks. Mike will be speaking on the “State of the County”. Plan to join us for this very informative…

Independent Analysis: Pension Reform Saves $460 Million and Reduces Long Term Liability $1.8 Billion

A comprehensive independent analysis of the proposed pension reform initiative in Ventura County has found that the measure would achieve immediate fiscal benefit and long-term benefits. The dynamic effects of the proposed initiative mean that the County would not only…

VCTA Correct About Higher Cost of PLA Agreement

OUHSDSeveral weeks ago VCTA was one of a few voices that stood in opposition to the proposed and unnecessary PLA agreement for the new Rancho Campana High School claiming there would be additional costs. This agreement was opposed by virtually every key member of the project except the unions and ultimately 3 members of the OUHSD who wanted it included. Thank them for the higher cost. READ MORE.

Do You Really Think This will Last?

There are some who say that PEPRA has made the Ventura County Pension Reform measure unnecessary. Ask yourself how long do you think this will last? PEPRA Summary

Ventura Fire Station 4 Needed?

Ventura Fire Station 4 Needed? Last month VCTA contacted Ventura Fire Chief McPherson requesting information supporting an article in the Star that appeared to indicate improvements in citywide response time were related to reopening Station 4. It was obvious response…