NO on Prop 30

VCTA strongly opposes Prop 30. Higher taxes are not the answer to California’s financial difficulty. Voters are urged to VOTE NO on 30 for the following reasons:

– The Governor and the Legislature are not serious about reigning in spending. They have been unwilling to address the crushing burden of public pensions, they want to spend more money on nonsensical projects like high speed rail and they are more interested in protecting a tax increase than they are in protecting the state’s water system. These are not choices made by a body that can be trusted with more tax dollars.

– California is already overtaxed and is headed for meltdown while other states with lower taxes are prospering. California has the highest sales tax, the 2nd highest gas tax, the 2nd highest income tax, the 14th highest property tax and the highest Corporate income tax in the west. Higher tax rates are not the answer.

– California’s economy is a disaster. Higher taxes will only create added burdens preventing any meaningful revenue improvement and create more incentive for businsses to take their business elsewhere.

VOTE NO on Prop 30